Ask any Success Coach and they will tell you that well crafted, powerful personal vision statement is the key to ‘Defining Your Greatness’

Certified personal coach and published author with over 30 years of experience coordinating indelible events in both civilian and military environments to achieve individualized success through personal growth and development.  
Are you ready to….


As a military alumni has the military defined you or is their an inner calling that you have yet to explore? Career change, building a business or take your business to the next level? A personal vision will help you create the mindset and “next step” actions to make your dreams a reality.


Imagine a life with less confusion and doubt.  Clarity identifies your intent allowing you to redirect your actions and commitment for profound results. Clarity helps to align your everyday existence with your work, home and life’s purpose for greater joy and fulfillment.


Why settle for “good” when “great” is just a few steps higher?  You will tailor a life with more joy and harmony as you desire – so you spend less time on things that don’t fulfill you, and doing more of what you LOVE.


A powerful personal vision will create a path to unleash your full potential and create a life that’s truly on purpose and in alignment with your passions. You will strive to live your highest and truest expression of yourself.


Tired of feeling stressed about money, or wishing you had the income for the lifestyle you want? A personal vision define your worth will help you and generate more opportunities.  Put an end to your limiting beliefs.


A personal vision will define your purpose and help to heal old wounds, forgive faster, protect yourself from other people’s negativity, and cultivate deeper, more intimate and rewarding relationships with the people who matter most.

There is “GREATNESS” within you. A phrase you will hear from anyone who is truly optimistic and there is no set way to cultivate it.

Starting with YOUR core values Coach Lorraine will work together with you to discover what’s truly important to YOU in order to craft a powerful personal statement.. Professional, Financial, Emotional, Spiritual, Wellness, Relationship – let’s hear your story, your unique prospective and maybe even share it with the world. 

My military retirement date is set, YES! After 26 years, of service No more getting up in the morning putting on the uniform to look like everyone else, no more skipping over the blues and reds of makeup or nail polish color palate forced to choose only natural and skin tones, no more slicking my hair back to make sure my hair stays above the collar and fits under my cover. ……..Now trust me It has been an honor putting the needs of my country first ensuring the adequate training and safety of the enlisted ranks in my unit as they prepare for the fight. But this all came with the cost of missing birthdays, weddings, graduations, reunions and heaven bound farewells. Yes that’s what service before self has meant for us as women, men too.

And let us not forget as the single parent, finding someone who cares enough to wait with your child for the school bus, help them with their homework, be there for after school activities or even prepare them a hot meal. The times when you wanted to do something for ‘me’ or attend some event but our children who we gave tears, blood and sweat would most often come first. After years of service before self there is no reclaiming back the time we lost. But going forward we can choose to live an intentional life. A life of our own choosing . It’s time to put our gas masks on first so we can help those around us.

So many of my veteran sisters wake up each day with no real purpose or direction after having to follow the commands of others all their lives. Retirement or separation is not about waiting to figure it all out. It’s about deciding right now what direction or path do we want our life to take, what example or legacy do you want to leave for your children and grand children. I took charge to ensure I would be living an intentional life. I took the time to take a true and honest inventory of who I am and what I have to offer the world and not what my leadership said I should be. Ladies it’s your time.  Start by crafting a personal mission statement.


Yes! ………I would like to show you the power of a PERSONAL VISION STATEMENT by writing one just for you.

Your Personal Vision Statement ….

I discovered that true transformation starts from within and is crucial to living your dreams. It is best achieved by carving out a time and place to focus clearly on your personal vision and positive aspects in your life.  Surrounding yourself with people that have your best interest in mind will optimize the transformational experience and create a synergy to propel your life forward. Once you have authentically embodied your personal mission statement and set yourself on a course of action there’s nothing to stop you except you yourself.  A well written personal vision statement will bring focus and purpose to your life.  Starting with your core values and the essence of you a well crafted statement can be simply edited when your goals achieved a new goals are targeted .  It is with this premise that I have succeeded at accomplishing so much over the past years and there nothing to stop me from reaching the next level in my life as I define my goals on my terms. I have…..

    • Honed my public speaking skills, authored, published and market my first book, landed a promotional job. Limitless opportunities.
    • Selflessly mentored up to 400 high achieving enlisted and officers alike throughout my military career
    • Successfully launched a Professional Chef Service and a Home Cleaning Business
    • Helped a young teen recognize that what she sees as her weaknesses is truly her strengths.
    • Ensured the success of a college graduate, who was a proposed candidate for Ritalin, live a “normal” life with out medical intervention.
    • Saved a coworkers marriage, mentored their educational achievement and promotion goals.
    • Coached a friend through personal transformation to make healthy choices and find the love of their life.
    • As an optimist helped countless others to truly understand that the cup is always half full

Would you be interested in the following

I would like to show you the power of a PERSONAL VISION STATEMENT by writing one just for you. My goal is for everyone I know to never settle for ‘Good’ when ‘Great’ is a few more steps up the ladder. Take the steps necessary to transform yourself into the person you know deep down within yourself that you can be.


Personal Vision Statement.  Everyone should have one! It helps you get focused on how to meet your goals and serves as a guidepost for where you want to go in life.

If you would like to talk about how a Personal Vision Statement can help you overcome any of the challenges listed above book a call with me NOW!




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