You are not alone

Women Veterans, We Need Your Stories

The simple act of telling your story can be a catalyst to so many of us that have fallen victim to circumstances.  Your stories can close the gap of misinformation that is so prevalent in the lives of our military families. Your stories can provide a road map to safe harbor for many of our young women in order to avoid shark infested waters, pits of poisonous serpents and skies filed with turmultuos weather.

Many women veterans are denied services, adequate housing, mental health, and even employment because we have failed to share our stories and make others aware of our past or even present.  This leads them down avenues that we wouldn’t want our worst enemies to experience. The hidden stories of sexual predators violating our innocence and stripping many of us of our confidence can be forged into a weapon against those that lurk around life’s corners 

Ladies, we need you to wear your story or stories as a badge of honor, as a survivor and even as our Joan of Arc for our fellow sisters who could use a helping hand.  We need you all to step up and share your story to help educate, advocate and push for policies that can help create the means to navigate through the obstacles when needed.  There are many ways to to share; in poetry or in song, share your story in creative art or on camera, share your story in a book. And finally share your story as a public speaker. I am here to help. Allow me to guide you in Defining Your Greatness 

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