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FREE DOWNLOAD to help with defining our goals

Download the free information at this link which explains DUMB goals and provides a wheel of life to get you started. If you need any assistance crafting a Personal Mission Statement reach out to me anytime with no obligation

Being in the military our way of planning and executing goals has always involved SMART goal setting.
S – specific
M – measurable
A – attainable
R – relevant or realistic (dependent desired target)
T – timely
And yes it has helped each of us to accomplish the mission and a host of things from skill level upgrade, promotions, returning home from deployment and even transition to a new way of life. What if I were to tell you that goal setting the SMART way has caused you to set limits in your life preventing you from defining your greatness. You are now either preparing to separate or have separated and it’s time to live life on your terms for your personal mission.
It’s time to set DUMB goals.
Yes you are reading correctly. D.U.M.B goals allow you to chart your course to achieve goals that you are most passionate about. DOD or Regulations for you are a thing of your past and in most instances don’t filter into your personal life. Of course there are rules of life and society that you have to live by but the additional layers are now behind you.
D – dream driven
U – uplifting
M – method friendly
B – behavior triggered