Green Screen Video Script

Hi my name is Lorraine Cuff otherwise known as Coach Lorraine. I am a Air Force veteran and Air Force reservist of 24 years, an entrepreneur, single parent and public speaker with McGuire Achievers  Toastmasters Club. I am launching this campaign asking for your support to publish my first book Defining Your Greatness, A Toastmasters Prospective.

Defining Your Greatness is a compilation of projects in my first competent communication Manual starting with my “ ice breaker” speech to my “ inspire the audience” speech that detail simple yet practical ways to attain your own personal Greatness.

As you read my book I hope encourage you to not settle for good but to strive for greatness as you define it

No matter where you are in life there is evidence that opportunities are presented on a daily basis to allow us to achieve more. Within these pages I have shared with you my own personal journey from Birmingham England to Kingston, Jamaica to New York City, along with examples of other individuals who have gone beyond the boundaries that others have viewed as obstacles to achieve more.

I look forward to the possibility of meeting you at my exclusive book launch on the dynamic and culturally rich island of Jamaica, with it’s white sand beaches and crystal blue waters.  Come and join me in paying homage to my home away from home, as detailed in the pages of the book whilst giving audience to each other’s moments of greatness.


Table of Contents


Dreaming of Greatness and achieving it
1. Step into Greatness
2. Greatness through Positivity
3. Meditation a Path for Greatness
4. Believe in the Impossible
5. The Dope on Goal Setting

Proper Communication – Sharing your Story of Greatness
6. The Art of Giving a Speech
7. Proper is not Perfect
8. Connect with Your Audience

I. Jamaica
II. I Found A Slice of Heaven
III. Story of The Begona