Defining Your Greatness

Defining Your Greatness, a Toastmasters Prospective is a compilation of my first 12 Toastmasters International speeches.  Public Speaker, Book Yourself Solid Coach, Education and Training Manager and President of McGuire Achievers Toastmasters Club this book details my journey from conception in Birmingham, England to Kingston, Jamaica where my parents returned with kids in tow to the land that they love then to New York City where my siblings and I sought out the American dream. And currently in New Jersey as a Veteran and Reservist in the US Air Force serving for the past 24 years.

The book details my achievements and achievements of others that rise above the fray due to hard work and commitment to realize their dreams.  No matter where you are in life there is evidence that opportunities are presented on a daily basis to allow us to achieve more. We are often inspired through others to move past our own difficulties and triumph within in our own lives.

I am committed to helping others cultivate their dreams and aspire to achieve goals. This book is a tool of practical and simple ways for people to achieve them.

Table of Contents
Dreaming of Greatness and achieving it
1. Step into Greatness
2. Greatness through Positivity
3. Meditation a Path for Greatness
4. Believe in the Impossible
5. The Dope on Goal Setting
Proper Communication – Sharing your Story of Greatness
6. The Art of Giving a Speech
7. Proper is not Perfect
8. Connect with Your Audience
I. Jamaica
II.I Found A Slice of Heaven
III.Story of The Begona


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