21 Day Gratitude Challenge

Gratitude is the most important bio-hack of all Dave Asprey

Every success story I’ve heard is without a doubt riddled with gratitude.  Pure unadulterated gratitude from the heart. Being truly grateful can be as simple as watching an earth worm burrow itself into the ground as you appreciate the contribution it makes in nature. It can be the hug you receive from a loved one for something simple you did.  Being grateful for the stranger who works for the transportation department by painting yellow or white lines on the street allow for the orderly flow of traffic can a refreshing thought. tSeeing the person you voted for wining the election, hint hint, would certainly be something to be appreciative about. Either way without appreciating what we have, see, or do around us, the spoils of the earth are likely to dry up around you.

I make every effort to incorporate a daily practice of showing appreciation and gratitude, but if you are anything like me life gets in the way and I end up skipping a few days here and there and the overwhelming feeling that was being conjured dissipates into the heavens. Consistency and dedication of any one thing goes a long way.  And 21 days of emotional high from expressing gratitude, coupled with a vision that you earnestly believe in can be truly transformational.

So my challenge is this; We will support each other by posting for the next 21 days something that your grateful for, and I will do the same. The only rules are 1. You have to answer to this post by stating “I’m In” 2. You can’t repeat what your grateful for 3. What ever it is your grateful for, you will have to detail a sentence or two and express how it makes you feel.  You must post on either my Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram or on my blog  to get you name in the drawing. All 21 moments of gratitude must be listed in one location.

At the end of the 21 days everyone that posted each day, clearly doesn’t repeat  a thing of gratitude and expresses each time how grateful they are will have the chance to win a $50 Amazon Gift Card.