Take Advantage of Your “Alpha State”

“Whatever we plant in our subconscious mind and nourish with repetition and emotion will one day become a reality”- Earl Nightingale

Brainwaves and deeper states of consciousness

Have you ever just stopped to take a minute and felt chilled, relaxed and a bit warm inside? With a little bit of a sense that everything is going to turn out alright in the end? Or taken some slow, deep breaths whilst sitting quietly and suddenly felt transported to a nicer, more peaceful place? Or taken a solitary walk/ride In a forest or by a lake and just felt … at peace? (Lawrence)

Normal brain frequency throughout your day is in Beta; rapid brain waves state vibrating at a frequency of about 14 to 40 Hz(pronounced ‘hertz’). Optimal for high-level learning and when in the fight or flight response mode. Some lower frequency aspects of Beta are cool, like the ability to think and speak and make jokes and be hilarious, whilst others are not so cool, like feeling anxious and stressed and and having what wise Zen Masters call the ‘Monkey Mind‘…

Alpha waves vibrate at a much more manageable 8 to 13 Hz. They are generally associated with relaxation and contemplation, and can be superb for focusing on work, studying and being creative and artistic.


When You Wake; The first few hours after waking from a restful sleep is the optimal time to influence the unconscious-mind, because of its relaxed and manageable state.

Instead of flooding your mind with the perils of reality, infuse your consciousness with positive and uplifting thoughts. Avoid as many distractions as possible such as your cellular phone, computer, even the rest of the family. Avoid bright lights, the news. Make every effort to remain present. Spend as little as 5 mins or as much as 2 hours when possible to allow the early morning blank canvas of the mind to create its own masterpiece.

The Night Before:To get the most out of this Alpha State, it’s beneficial to prepare from the night before. The last thing before you go to bed, clear your mind by focusing on your breath and let go of any stress, resentment, avoid negative or depressing stories and bright light….., focus on things you are grateful for. In fact, if your of age, love making might just do the trick 🥰.

Then finally, envision something you want in your life. Involve as many of your senses as you can. See yourself in that new car, your dream home, promotion on the job or with the love of your life off on a fantasy vacation. This is the optimal time to day dream, review you journal or your vision board.

The only thing more powerful than this would be for you and your partner or family to spend this time to co-create a combined future. And yes even though electronic devises are not ideal, connect over the phone, or Skype and talk about your future together.

This new routine will allow for blissful sleep and prepare your mind to optimize your morning ‘Alpha State’.

This new routine or ritual maybe a challenge to do daily but once you develop the mental discipline and daily practice take note of the positive direction of your life. There maybe some bumps along the way but the pros definitely out-way the cons. Success has footprints so why not follow the path of people you admire and have incorporated these positive habits in their own way.


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