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Unsung Heroes

“This is it” whispered Irena. “We have no option to turn back.” Irena picked up the sedated child and carefully put his limp body into her recently emptied tool box. She prayed that he fit as she hastily arranged his lifeless limbs in an attempt to minimize discomfort when he awoke. She heard a noise outside and started. She glanced up and picked up her already harried pace. The Nazis were constantly roaming the ghetto keeping errant Jews “in line”. She closed the lid of the tool box, said a quick prayer and pulled her shoulders back. She walked out into the midst of the enemy, doing all she could to save the boy’s life that she carried in her toolbox. 

Irena Sendler was a social worker by trade but had obtained her credentials as a nurse in order to discreetly bring food and medicine into the horrific camp. She and her fellow workers devised a plan to sneak an estimated 2500 children out of the ghetto. This is the story of a hero. A woman that defied all odds to stand for the people she had access to. She refused to stop, back down or give in until the war ended or she gave the ultimate sacrifice. 

“This is it” whispered Jacklyn mentally. “I have no option to turn back.” It is amazing how quickly a human’s mind works when adrenaline kicks in. The ability to process, count the cost and make a decision when a life or death situation presents itself is astounding. This is exactly what was happening in Jacklyn Lucas’ mind as he witnessed a Japanese soldier lob 2 grenades directly at he and his fellow soldiers. Supposing he would not survive, he did the only thing he knew to do. He knew the ultimate sacrifice, his life, would be the only protection for his fellow soldiers. He immediately jumped on the grenade closest to him and grabbed the grenade that was still within his arm’s reach, tucking the grenade firmly beneath his body, protecting those he served with. The weapons exploded. Jacklyn survived, beyond comprehension. He endured 26 surgeries and continued life with over 250 pieces of shrapnel in his body. 

Jacklyn had been serving and protecting his country from age 14 when he enlisted to fight the great war. His dedication and dogma to protect earned him the Medal of Honor by Harry Truman. He refused to stop, back down or give in until the war ended or he gave the ultimate sacrifice.

Post written by Shannon McGill

Biographies were summarized from information taken from www.mentalfloss.