Author Beware of Fast Talking Publishers

Author Beware of Fast Talking Publishers


I am an author, YES! this is what I had been telling myself until just like Humpty-Dumpty I came tumbling down. And day after day my confidants, all the kings horses and all the kings men or women for that matter were challenged to resolve my dilemma.

I was ecstatic when my Publishizer Campaign, crowdfunding site dedicated to authors, had come to an end and I had 7 publishers, SEVEN Publishers wahoo!! interested in publishing my creative work. My book “Defining Your Greatness” is a compilation of several speeches that I had written and presented from the start of my Toastmasters membership. All my speeches written to complete my Competent Communicator Manual. From my parents journey as Rupert Cuff and Dorothy Pink to Jamaica to the courage that has grown within me to share my story.

I chose a small outfit out of Texas, Timeless Words Publishing.  They had an appealing website and like many of the other publishers the actual founder called me and not just a sales agent. The owner took the time to connect with me. He told me of his journey in the military and with my 20 plus years of military experience our conversations shared a common history. I felt what seemed to be a connection. And his greatest tactic was to deploy a sense of urgency like a tornado coming in for a landing scooping me up into the cloud of fame. And as with any tornado my vision was blurred. I thought to myself as long as they had proven work why not support the underdog. Boy was I ever wrong.

When I signed the contract I had completed 80% of the work; my book was professionally edited twice, the book cover and back design was complete, I had asked for a mentor of mine to write the Foreword and the only thing left for the most part was to appropriately place my chosen images and to accomplish both the printed and ebook format which can be done on CreateSpace for zero dollars. Defining Your Greatness publish date was set for March 30, 2018 and I looked forward to receiving hot off the press 100 books. As the deadline approached I had an event and was assured I could get the 100 books for a book signing event. I was invited to a Key Spouse meeting to share my work with a group of military spouses. 10 books arrived just in time for the book signing but with no time for me to provide feedback on the finished product. There was a couple corrections noted and were updated on the ebook version. Then as quickly as the publisher was introduced into my life every attempt to contact Allen C. Dominique was unanswered.

Through a bit of research and connecting the dots I discovered the Allen had the printing and sale of my creative work set up with CreateSpace where he would collect the revenue from each sale. I also found out I was not his only victim. Fortunately for me I had barely started my marketing campaign as my contract with the publisher stipulated it would be a team effort.  I worked with Amazon and CreateSpace to have my work removed from the listing and told my family, friends and colleagues not to purchase until further notice.

It’s taken me six months to overcome the financial blow and to re-engage with a local publisher, BookBaby, right here in New Jersey. Supporting the small guy is not a bad thing but be sure they come recommended by someone who can truly vouch for them or you can physically visit their brick and mortar business even if they are working out of their home. Decide on the goal or goals you want to attain before you start any discussion with a publisher and beware of the dangling carrot or the next shiny thing; it just might be a web con and I guarantee there are many out there.

Now let this be a guide in Defining Your Greatness!