Enjoy Your Retirement And Still Keep The Weight Off

Secrets to looking effortlessly good after retirement. I have had my fair share of concerns what will I look like in 10 years after retiring from the military. Well I am preparing ahead and hope that for those of my friends who have now adapted to a more sedentary lifestyle abandoning the requirement of having to meet standards, here are some great tips to make retiring more fun.

Change the Meaning of Diet
Everyone has some form of diet. Whether it’s a diet that someone developed that you purchased, like Weight Watchers, or Nutrisystem or a diet of eating 3 square meals a day and eating whatever they like, providing they hit the gym 3 times a week. Whatever pattern of eating you follow that’s your diet. So if it makes you feel more comfortable throw out the word ‘DIET’ and just explore different ways or patterns of eating.

What does breakfast mean to you? I’m sure it used to mean the same to me but in late 2015 I fully accepted the fact that breakfast is no longer an early morning meal but the meal or beverage that you had to Break Your Fast. Your body begins a fast after your last meal of the day, whether it’s 4, 6, 8 or 10 PM. Not eating till the next day creates your fasting window until you break your fast. It takes approximately 12 hours for the average person to deplete their glycogen stores – converted foods stored in your muscle and liver to use as fuel in the body). Not until your glycogen stores are all gone will your body choose to burn your fat stores because fat takes a bit more work to convert into ready fuel. Or if you decide to eat something such as bread, a donut, bagel or a sugary beverage insulin is instantly released into your blood stream preparing to assist the body with burning and STORING excess sugars as fat. Consuming 35 calories or more is an open invitation to insulin to break out into a happy dance limiting your body’s ability to burn fat. The big shift from hunter gather mindset to industrial farming and ability to extend the life of food has shortened our lives. But there is an easy fix.

Maximize Fat loss
Carbs and sugar should be eliminated or drastically minimized as your first meal of the day. You are set yourself up for failure when give your body the easy burn. My mother considered herself to be hypoglycemic and since I got headaches every morning if I didn’t eat by 9 AM I would have massive headaches and thought it must be a family trait, I must be hypoglycemic too. Wrong! I rarely eat bread or sugar with my first meal. Have a protein shake or eating healthy fat, including bacon, has allowed me to adjust my fasting window to up to 16 hours on average and when I want maximize my burn 18 to 24 hours. I’m not going to bore you with the details here. Take time and learn all you can about intermittent fasting. Give it a try, you’ll be amazed how you can slowly recondition your body to do things differently as long as you educate yourself on the facts. Just don’t shock your body and go cold turkey. Fasting also makes cheat days heavenly.

Eat What You Want
The best way to eat is to eat whatever you like. The worst thing to do is to over indulge. It’s okay to have a sweet treat or delicious home fried chicken every now and then. Just do it in moderation. My grandmother lived to a healthy 93 years young. I say young because she still cooked for herself, did her own shopping, lived on her own and enjoyed all her favorite foods. She knew how to enjoy her occasional treat of fried chicken wings from the Chinese restaurant at the corner or her favorite rum and raisin ice cream. She even had a sip of wine every now and then. So go ahead eat but don’t over indulge.

Don’t Buy New Clothes – use elastic waist outfits only for exercise
Elastic-waist clothes have been our enemy all along. Stop accommodating for the fat gain. Make the adjustment in the way you eat. If you give into elastic waistband closing or buying the next size up you will never make the necessary adjust to the way you eat only the money you spend on buying the next size up. Slow down and be mindful of how your clothes feel on you. Take the time to pamper yourself and truly understand what’s going on with your body.

Not all Carbs are equal
With the exception of potatoes most earth grown carbs, are best to include in your evening meals since they convert slow and don’t send insulin on a frenzy in our bodies. Sweet potatoes, yams, yuca, turnip are examples of slow burning carbs. Print out the attached PDF to have as a handy reference of high and low glycemic foods.

Sugar is NOT Your Friend
Sugary fruits and foods are some of the worst foods we eat. Minimize the amount of processed foods that you eat. Processed most often means that your body does not need to do much to convert it for fuel. Easy conversion equals too much glucose in the blood stream witch is the signal for insulin to break out into its happy dance and store, store store!
The occasional good and natural fruit such as an apple does wonders. Especially when getting ready to turn on the grind and hitting the gym to do some resistance workout. Cut sugar to a minimum.
Now ladies don’t be weary it’s easier for men to lose weight so a little bit of adjustment goes a long way.

For additional information explore the benefits of intermittent fasting, keto friendly foods, bullet-proof coffee, grass-fed animal foods, and eating clean.